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Hagglunds Hydraulic Motors

Our customised systems are often developed in co-operation with our customers and we
build our business on long-term relationships and reliability. Our deep system knowledge
and thorough understanding of the applications are two of our greatest strengths.


Compact CA Motor

Hagglunds developed the Compact CA motor for a very specific purpose: to provide a tough and powerful solution for heavy-duty applications where size and weight are significant issues.
The result is a really compact hydraulic drive with the same durability, excellent performance and reliability as other Hagglunds motors. With its small envelope size and lightweight, the Compact CA has an excellent power to weight ratio.


Compact CB Motor

The Compact CB range is suitable for many heavy-duty applications such as shredders, feeders and roll mills. Some of its many benefits are the space saving design and the versatile mounting possibilies.


Marathon Motor

The Marathon motor has performed very well in all kinds of environments even in dusty, corrosive and explosive risk areas, In extreme heat or freezing cold, the Marathon is the obvious choice for tough, high-torque applications and provides many years of reliable service.


Viking Motor

In marine applications, particularly with tough winches, the Viking motor is known to provide the best available control of torque (line pull) regardless of speed.

This reduces maintenance costs and increases productivity by reducing the risk of snagging or equipment breakdowns. True free-wheeling and a very low moment of inertia are some other features that has made the Viking so popular in even the most demanding environments. True to its name, the Viking is a genuinely tough motor.



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